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C-Fest has been passed on to a new generation of misfits, Saltspring Ultimate Club, AKA S.U.C. , AKA Underflare, AKA the spirit champions from C-Fest 2005.

C-Fest 2006 will be hosted on Salt Spring Island on the weekend of July 29/30. It's bound to be a blast.


Adrien Broner returns: 'The boxing diversion isn't the same without me'.


Illegal Smile is an ultimate frisbee team in the Vancouver Ultimate League. We play somewhere in the middle ranks of "B" pool (ie div 3 or 4 if you're on the metric system). When the team was started, back in the 70's, we were a lowly "C" pool team (ie div 5 through 8). We decided to start a tournament for other lowly "C" teams. We called it "C-Fest". Clever, non? It's still called C-Fest since "Div 5 through 8 Fest" just doesn't have the same kick. If you are currently playing on a lowly "C" pool team you should play in C-Fest. Do it now, before you start laying out at the sound of a fart and hammering into the wind from end zone to end zone, because then it will be too late, and you will have to play in other tournaments that don't kick ass, like Nationals.
You may see me tonight with an illegal smile