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C-Fest is an ultimate frisbee festival for Div 5-8 teams. Some might call it a tournament; we at Illegal Smile like to call it an uber awesome weekend event with a shiny red nose. It's all about fun and spirit. Wear costumes, eat great food, get lickered, party hardy all day long, and play ulty. This year's theme is "Quest for Fire and Ice". Check out the FLYER.


  • Pool play

  • 4 games Saturday, minimum of 2 on Sunday

  • Saturday: 10:00am start, end at 5:00pm

  • Dinner at 5:20pm, on the field

  • Sunday: 10:30am start, end at 3:00pm


Last years Spirit winners were Maple Ridge Ultimate. Wanna see what they look like? So this year they get to come back and make sure you have fun. Expect to see them handing out prizes, whipping up sno-cones, running the slip n'slide, and playing silly games. Show them your nipples, and they will show you theirs and more. Anything can happen. Get your photo taken with the beloved 6 foot penis and other juvenile delinquencies. Be a freak. You're allowed. Just be sure to call it spirit.


Field food that is available all day is fruit, veggies, candy, sno-cones, pita and humous, and other goodies we have not thought of. 

A big feast will follow playing all day Saturday. There will be a big chow-down feast with lots of great food. This scrumptious affair of food is right on the field, so you don't have to go anywhere.


The Saturday party is cancelled. Our apologies to the 5-6 hardcore drinkers out there who are going to survive the full day of playing and drinking, and want to party their livers into early retirement.


For the highest scoring team we have something really special: a permanent ban from future C-Fest tourneys. For everyone else we have a lot more prizes and we can be pretty creative about how we allocate them. Best costume, best cheer, and most spirited team are some old standards you can expect to see, but pretty much anything that tickles our fancy may be rewarded. Spirit is the emphasis here (almost to the exclusion of all else). Go on, freak out, freakshow.


After exhaustive research we have concluded that the only place on the planet suitable for a tournament of this caliber is Prince of Wales High School.

Prince of Wales Underground Nuclear Defence Facility
Link to map, click here

you may see me tonight with an illegal smile