Illegal Smile Illegal Smile

This is a great event that raises money for Alzheimer's research.



GAIA Ultimate has been one of C-Fest's biggest sponsors with a load of clothing and other gear donated for prizes each year. If you happen to be buying gear their gear, mention our affiliate number 50054 or purchase online by following any of the links from our website and two things will happen: First, you'll get free shipping before and up to 2 weeks after C-Fest and second, 10% of your purchase price will go towards prizes for the next C-Fest.

Illegal Smile is fueled by R&B Raven and Sun god. It's virtually eliminated our hesitation problems, and we've stopped pinging at wide open throttle.

For some reason we can't fathom, bagels have become synonymous with ultimate tournaments. In our opinion, they suck (especially on day 2). We don't like em and we don't serve em. Pita and homous is the way to go, and nobody does it better than Habibi's.

Jesse plays on our team and he also plays in this band. They donate some of their fashionable band wear to the cause (I am personally a big fan of the mustard yellow with red piping).

Craig will be providing the tunes, the shade, and a whole whack of cool gifts and prizes. Go visit the "mystery tent" for an educational experience that will tingle and stimulate you.


you may see me tonight with an illegal smile