What is a Snood?

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Snood is a puzzle video game created in 1996 by David M. Dobson. Today, versions exist for Windows, Mac OS, Palm OS, and other systems, including the TI-83 and TI-84 calculators. It is also a downloadable cell phone game to (at least) Virgin Mobile, Cingular, and Sprint Nextel customers. Snood is similar to the game Bust a Move. To quote the instructions, "Snood is a puzzle game which emphasizes thought rather than reflexes."

The pieces in the game are called Snoods. Each turn, the player launches a Snood of randomly-selected color into the playfield. If the Snood lands adjacent to two or more Snoods of the same color, all connecting Snoods of that color vanish and any unattached pieces underneath drop free. The player's score increases with the number of Snoods eliminated. With each Snood launched, a danger meter increases and when it reaches the top, all the Snoods in play lower a level. If the Snoods drop past the lowest level of the playing field, the game is over. Releasing Snoods reduces the "Danger Meter."

Snood is considered to be a difficult game that requires a lot of skill. Despite the fact that it involves no time limit or bloodshed, many of its fans find it highly addictive and competitive.

Snood has been modified in its latest release, to include an "Armageddon" level which adds the element of time to the puzzle. This newest level has added a higher level of difficulty to the game. Jupiter Media Metrix did a study in 2001 to find the most played games and Snood placed ninth with 1.5 million unique users. This is most notable because most of the games on the list were those that came with various versions of Windows (such as the top ranked game, Solitaire, with 46.7 million users).

A sequel was released on the Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance in late 2005.

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